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Photography first captured me as a teenager when I picked up my father's brand new (3-megapixel!) digital camera. I discovered a whole new world of shutters, apertures, and lighting. I bought my first SLR and kept going from there, doing an internship with a leading photographer in Germany, working two seasons as a summer camp videographer, and now working on my own as a freelance photographer and videographer.



I think the most enduring quality of a photograph is its ability to tell a story. A photo captures a snapshot - a split second in time that is frozen on film, printed in albums, posted on facebook - a window into a world that our imagination fills in. 


Every photo is a doorway into a memory, and it is my passion to make that doorway as beautiful as possible. To capture your wedding, your engagement, your STORY in a way that you can look back on and retell for years to come. 



But stories are best told in person. Let's chat more! Let's grab a coffee (on me!), talk about life, and swap stories, and talk about how I can tell your story best. Shoot me an email or drop me a line (604-313-9806)! Thanks for visiting!



PS: I keep an active facebook page where I post much of my new work. Head over that way and check it out!

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