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Photography first captured me as a teenager when I picked up my father's brand new (3-megapixel!) digital camera. I discovered a whole new world of shutters, apertures, and lighting. I bought my first SLR and kept going from there, doing an internship with a leading photographer in Germany, working two seasons as a summer camp videographer, and now working on my own as a freelance photographer and videographer.


I think the most enduring quality of a photograph is its ability to tell a story. A photo captures a snapshot - a split second in time that is frozen on film, printed in albums, posted on facebook - a window into a world that our imagination fills in. 


Every photo is a doorway into a memory, and it is my passion to make that doorway as beautiful as possible. To capture your wedding, your engagement, your STORY in a way that you can look back on and retell for years to come. 


But stories are best told in person. Let's chat more! My business email is out of commission at the moment, but you can get a hold of me through facebook or Instagram (links at bottom right)!

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